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In my backyard, 2007

     "You will lead a life of shortage if you think that riches are outside of you." YB

Why Creative Centre of Wisdom Studies?  
  1. For the last 4 years the name of the center was Spiritual Centre of Wisdom Studies and although spiritual does not mean a search for the sacred, or a belonging to a church, the religious association with the name, became too embossed to be accurate for this site. We share experiences, a thought or an event, that are results of a direct connection with a field of creation. The fact that it cannot be explained by a science rooted in the physical world, doesn't make it super natural, sacred, or religious. Quite contrary, it is all natural when we get out of the box of present scientific paradigm.
    Creativity, inventions or discoveries, are the results of willingness to accept a possibility that what we were taught is limited or not true at all.
  2. Center would indicate that it is a great downpour of all sorts of ideas and activities. For now there are just few wisdom students. You are all invited to contribute.
  3. Wisdom… that would be an evolution of un understanding of a truth applicable in ever growing context. The so called "Universal truth" is the truth in every possible context. Human's truth is what suits human/ego agenda. Evolution of wisdom is to minimize the agenda and broaden the context where the truth still stands.
  4. Studies would indicate that we are willing and open to share.
The profound truth was spoken uncountable times and yet humanity is dimming its light in unison.
What is the point of speaking, writing, thinking about new ways of how to get the message through? Well, there is one reason. There is no other choice.
The ego, the survival program, the self- preservation / self- gratification script that runs human life irreverently and blindly regardless of the cost, stands on guard to prevent our understanding of the deepest truths.  That’s our interpreter of the personal and collective reality making it to look dark, scary and at best, confusing.  Very few written words are clear, unquestionable words of wisdom in every possible human context.
Majority of guiding words I read, due to a lack of precision and thorough definitions are easily used by the ego to support its own agenda. You are, no doubt, familiar with concepts of self-love. We all listened to genuine truth seeking speakers, who told us that you have to love yourself before you love anybody else and many “gurus” interpreted it for us that we have to spend time, energy and money on buying pretty things, take long baths and indulge in pleasurable activities.  Or perhaps never to be used and abused someone instructed you to be a gate keeper on your well fenced property called “personal space”. Next you would have to take a training to be a swift and at times scary guard of “your boundaries”. Just think about it. We do not need to protect what doesn't exist. The Authentic You has no properties, no shape, size and area to protect. You just have to learn to live from that place of view.
Also how you can love yourself when you are the love and you are the light? It is an absurd concept. How the light can beam on itself? The idea of self-love and all the possible interpretations originated in the ego, that needs to be fed. To stay self-absorbed and self-serving is an ego to the tee! If you can recognize that the authentic you is a source of love you will see that there is no need to turn it around and flush yourself in the eyes! Also we cannot love ourselves because there are no selves in the realm of truth!
The same as there in no source where the water springs from the ground, there is just water going from here to there and never back on itself unless you upset it's flow!
In this website we will look for ways of discovering hidden ego in the so-called-wisdom.
The words spoken and written need to be precise, clear and leave no room for ego’s interpretations.
Words need to be so solid that the force of ego is not powerful enough to mangle it.
We shall find the way and you are invited to help.
Please offer your discoveries of the ego while looking for the wisdom, we will read it, all submissions will be answered and original will be posted on our website.
Let's put light on the darkness and see it vanish.

People are looking for a "Guru" because they do not want to listen to the one they already have.
It took me many years of comparisons, confrontations and variety of encounters with spiritual teachers, masters and "gurus" to realize, just recently, that I am very happy with a guru I have - the one within me. It served me well. It taught me to rely on it and trust it.
My search for someone who will give me a ride in the seemingly slow paced walk is over.
I traveled on the road of my spiritual evolution long enough to finally notice that it took me rather far in comparison to others in my profession and in general. I went in January 2008 to New Delhi, India, to speak at the World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality. While listening to educated speakers from around the world I finally realized where I am as the evolving consciousness and how am I connected to it.
The wholly grail story became my story. I had to go very far to see what was always so very close.
I realized that my years of comparisons with masters and "gurus" were my need to know if I have the right to be a spiritual teacher. Raised in a catholic family in Poland, with nobody in my family to be my spiritual example I became insecure about my right to be the wise one, and the teacher.
It was useful insecurity that led me through endless hours of studying and searching, listening and experiencing, talking and walking.
The imposition of religious dogma and rampant ego in the environment I grew up in, was a huge pile of turd to overcome and it is understandable that it takes time to turn it to a fertilizer.
All the conditioning that was filled with false beliefs and half-truths, that I needed to "scrape" from my brain, come flying at me in my experiences and reflections faster at times than I can work through.
Based on the unwise knowledge how the world works, injected in conditioning, I created a lot of painful experiences.
"The trouble with people is not that they don’t know, but that they know so much that ain’t so" Mark Twain (or Josh Billings, or Will Rogers). However, all the work paid off. My understanding of my inner guru grew and I became more self-reliant in making choices and decisions, and progressively more confident about direction of my path. Pain disappeared and life became magical. Miracles and synchronicity became main theme of my experiences and my reflections and contemplations became filled with gratefulness, appreciation and smiles.
One of my searches took me through yet another period of studies and the concept for the first book "Spirituality and Ego Reality" and later this series was created initially as my Spiritual Psychology PhD thesis.
It came to me as a text  for a single book but it turned out to be such a condensed material that to make it useful to general public I should have written five books.
I sat on it for a year, often thought about publishing it in the initial form but my inner guru was telling me to wait.
The feedback from my speech at the congress in Delhi was "I never heard anyone saying so much in such a short time" became the confirmation that my guru was right. My book was written in the same way as my ad lib presented speech. Packed with concepts presented in a very condensed form.
If it is "so much" for experienced psychologists how can I expect the book to reach general public and to be useful to them.
I decided to do both. Publish the first book and also rewrite it and make a series of books out of it.
The main title of series will be "Your Evolution".
Your Ego will be the first book of the series.
The next will be Your Spirituality,
Your Intimate relationships, Your Children and perhaps Your Truth.

Yaga Bialski, PhD – wisdom teacher, consults people searching for their level of truth.

Time flies, Montreal 1981

We welcome any donations. Yaga guides people for free for over 30 years, but there are limits. With your donations, those who can not pay will have a chance to heal.